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Barcelona - Malaga 1: 0, goal is very interesting

Barcelona - Malaga 1: 0, goal is very interesting

The Barcelona team returned to win in La Liga after a sensational 2: 0 home over the last Malaga in a ninth round of the round played at Camp Nou. The game was marked by a scandalous goal only after 112 seconds of play. The ball apparently left the course, but the referee did not notice that and a moment later she was in Gerard Deulofeuf`s goal net. Andres Iniesta scored for 2-0 in the 56th minute. With victory, Ernesto Valverde`s team back four points in front of the second Valencia. Real Madrid is eight points from the top, but the white are less match.

Deulofeu took a lead in front of Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez. Javier Mascherano replaced Gerard Picket to Samuel Umtiti. The guests were ranked 4-2-3-1 with central striker Adalbert Penyaranda. The first goal in the southern network fell only in the second minute and the guests from the Costa del Sol did not touch the ball. The naked eye saw that the ball left the outline of the pitch, but this was hidden for the chief judge. Luca Din is centering on a ball and Deulofeu scored with a close close to 1-0. Despite the blanky blues protests, the nakedness was scandalously conceived.

In the tenth Ivan Rakitic and the goalkeeper of the visitors missed the ball and collided. In the 13th, Messi led Din from the left, who immediately turned to Andres Iniesta, but Louis Hernandez stopped the ball with a very important sword. In the 26th Los Blaugranas, they went out of the way, Messi searched for a roll, and Luis Hernandez, according to Judge Luis Hernandez, stopped the ball with a hand on the rainbow. Repetition did not show well whether it was a hand or a shoulder. Still, Leo failed to score, sending the ball to the wall. In the 29th, Juan Carlos centered to the left, and Gonzalo Castro broke from the guard and fired at the far beam. The ball went far from the door, but the situation was pretty good. In the 37th, Leo saw a lot of space ahead of him, picked up speed, almost reached the rainbow and chose a pass to the left to Luis Suarez, but the shot was not done. In the 41st, Mitchell`s team has a good chance. After a corner kick from the right, Chorey Castro bothered the defenders but was blocked. In the first half, los cules did not create a real goal. In the last minutes before the break, their rivals even dared to play more often in front of Marc-Andre Stegen`s door.

The La Rosalacea squad started the second part. In the 51st minute Roberto Rosales tried to surprise the goalkeeper with a long shot - he sent the ball straight to the German. In 53th, Rakitic invented a splendid delivery for Messi, but Leo did not manage. In another attack within a minute, the Argentine entered the penalty area and fired at the angle of the diagonal, but the guest`s debutant managed.

In the 56th, the score was 2: 0 after Iniesta`s shot and a deflected ball from a defender`s foot. The captain received from Messi, fired with his left foot, the ball bounced and flew unsteadily in the far upper corner. In the 60th Luis Suarez released himself in the penalty area, turned and shoots off the beam.

In the 67th Andalusian team organized a strong attack from the left, the ball was centered in the penalty area, Yumtiti slipped and?

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