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Atletico - Barcelona 1: 0 (watch live)

Atletico - Barcelona 1: 0 (watch live)

Atletico Madrid and Barcelona ended a 1-1 win in the 8th Circuit of Primera, played against 64, 393 spectators at the Wanda Metropolitano in the Spanish capital. Saul opened the score in the 21st minute and Luis Suarez equalized in the 82nd. Argentina`s hero Lionel Messi returned with two beams. Diego Simeone`s boys have broken the 100 per cent run of the Catalans in La Liga. So Barca`s advance to the champion Real Madrid is now five points. Andre Gomes was a surprise in the starting lineup of the los cules. He stood on the right side of the attack alongside Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez. Gerard Pique and Samuel Umutiti formed the central pair, and the restored Andres Iniesta also appeared among the 11. Diego Simeone ranked 4-4-2 with Antoine Grizzman and Angel Korea in attack.

In the 30th minute, the Camp Nou team scored a goal. Leo Messi and Luis Suarez made a double bet, Philippe Luis lost his equilibrium and allowed the Argentine to shoot at five meters. The ball knocks into the beam and goes into the corner. In the third minute, Iniesta turned and struck - in the hands of Jan Oblak.

So quickly the actions were transferred to Barca`s half. In the fourth minute, the high press of `los colchoneroos` brought a ball to Angel Kea`s legs in the penalty box, but the Argentine was outraged by Yumtiti. In the eighth Iniesta he was wrong to take the ball and for two seconds the ball came to Grizzman, who fired to the near corner - Ter Stegen killed in the corner. Minutes later, Grizzman blasted into the field, finishing the two, then firing low on the diagonal. The German Catalan guard has reached out and killed.

In the next ten minutes the hosts came back and defended themselves from their rival`s progressive attacks. In the 21st Saul realizes a great goal, rotating the ball on the diagonal with a 20-meter stroke. The Spanish national saw a space for a shot and mercilessly hit Terre Stegen`s lower left corner after an attack with 18 appearances. The Los Cules continued to control the ball and look for piercings. In the 32nd Luis Suarez failed to shoot after a good centering of Messi from a static position.

In 39th Iniesta found Suarez in the penalty area, but Stefan Savic`s sword was decisive. In 44th Captain Gaby Fernandez knocked Leo Messi on the edge of the box. Judge Matthew Laos did not see a violation, and the midfield had a yellow card. By the end of the half-time there was time for a blocked mess of Messi and an undeveloped dangerous counter for the Sofia residents.

The second half began with a strike by Yannik Ferreira Karasco after studying a corner in the keeper`s hands. The 49th Jordi Alba received a corridor on the left, but mistaken the lead, and Luis Suarez was then blocked in the penalty area. In the 51st Ferreira Carrasco was overwhelmed, and then Juanfran was unable to center. A minute later, the `red and white` rushed for a new lightning strike, in which Angel Korea was stopped by Pique. A minute later, Grossman attempted an attractive blow from the air, and he did not turn out to be accurate.

In the 56th Luis Suarez fired strongly from the pennant, but Cloud managed to fight. In the 57th, Leo Messi was not lucky enough to hit the left beam,

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