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Finally is clear the reason why Messi is throwing on the field

Finally is clear the reason why Messi is throwing on the field

Finally was ended the mystery of the frequent vomiting of Barcelona star Lionel Messi. He was repeatedly caught by the camera throwing up during the game, as it happened to him and on practice too.

According to a leading doctors in Spain the reason for this lies in the chronic rhinosinusitis , who torture the Argentine. The doctors have repeatedly acknowledged that he suffers from this.

So far, however, did not assume that this disease may be the cause of his vomiting . It turned out, however, that just in the case the star of Barcelona is the basis for unpleasant situations.

"With him just accumulates mucus, which can not come out through the nose, and if not release it, leads to headaches.Therefore he had to throw up. His condition is not serious, but it sure is annoying. As his condition is chronic, it's hard to cure it, "said the doctor to the Spanish media.

The last case in which Messi vomited during the match was little more than a week. On September 24th, in the match against Malaga, which finished in a scoreless draw, he still had a similar problem.

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