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Barca lost Messi by the end of 2013

Barca lost Messi by the end of 2013

By the end of the calendar 2013 Barcelona will not be able to rely on the super forward Lionel Messi. Four-time winner of the "Ballon d'Or", who received an injury during the game against Betis, suffers from tearing muscle fibers in the thigh muscle of the left leg. This showed today the conducted extensive medical examinations and preliminary estimates are that the diminutive Argentinean and will be out between 6 and 8 weeks. In practice, Barca can not rely on Messi by the end of the calendar year.

The club have announced that the first stage from the recovery of the Catalan star will take place in Barcelona, ​​and the second part will be in Buenos Aires.

In turn, the calculations show that it may eventually the Argentine will be able to return to play for the team from "Camp Nou" for the significant clash with Atletico Madrid, which is scheduled for January 12. Before that, most likely Messi will miss the game against Villarreal.

We recall that the defined as one of the best players in the world, Messi is not in particularly good period in his career. He received his latest injury in late September, when he received a blow to the tendon in his right leg. Because of it the attacker missed two games of Barcelona, ​​and then another, as a precaution. Messi then had a problem and with hematoma in the posterior thigh muscle.

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