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Harry Maguire is ?1 in the world by one indicator

Harry Maguire is ?1 in the world by one indicator

Manchester United defender Harry Maguire has more playing minutes than any other professional footballer in 2020, according to a study by the football observatory CIES. The 27-year-old English national has 4745 minutes on the pitch until December 17 and leads emphatically against all other field players. Second with 401 minutes less than Maguire is defender Ruben Dias from city rival Manchester City, while third is Lionel Messi from Barcelona with a total of 4293 minutes. United has three players in the top 10 on this indicator. Midfielder Bruno Fernandes is fourth with 4164 minutes and defender Victor Lindelof is seventh. According to CIES, the presence of four Premier League players in the top 10 is the result of three consecutive failed votes to return the rule for five substitutions per game. Liverpool left-back Andrew Robertson is 12th in the standings with 4049 minutes, and two players from the Championship are in the top 20. These are Michael Morrison from Reading with 3976 minutes and Ethan Pink with 3968.

Maguire leads not only with field players, but also against all goalkeepers. Brazilian international Marcelo Lomba has just five minutes less playing time than the United defender.

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