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Setien: I`m disappointed, I don`t know if I will lead the team in the Champions League

Setien: I`m disappointed, I don`t know if I will lead the team in the Champions League

Barcelona coach Kike Setien did not hide his disappointment after the 1:2 loss to Osasuna in the 37th round, after which Real Madrid officially secured the title in La Liga. The coach believes that the defeat was undeserved, but on the other hand said that the `White Ballet` deservedly reached the title. The specialist does not know at the moment whether he will remain at the head of the Catalans for their matches in the Champions League in August.

`We feel disappointed and angry. This zugaba was undeserved. I can`t say the same about the lost title, as we missed important points that prevented us from fighting to the end with our rival Real. I didn`t expect them to win all theirmatches until the end, but it seems that this will happen. Today`s loss came in more. However, it showed problems that we saw in previous matches. It is difficult to find the right way to the goal. We control the match, we press the opponent in his half, but we miss the goals`, says Setien. `I hope to continue to lead the team in the Champions League, but I don`t know what will happen. I agree with Messi on some of the things he said. We need to be more self-critical. We need to demand more of ourselvesand we should constantly try to improve. However, we should not cross everything out, because we have done some good things. We are currently angry about the lost title, but this will motivate us further and we will go to the Champions League with even greater desire. `, added the mentor.

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`I am the biggest culprit for everything. However, I remain optimistic and I am convinced that in the upcoming matches we will be a different team and show a completely different face in the Champions League. I guarantee that we will be extremely motivated, I can`t promise anything else, because it is not under my control. I have already gone through similar moments and I know what needs to be done, `said the specialist. `My fault is that we failed to achieve one of our main goals. We knew we had important problems to solve, but we failed to deal with them. Real won 10 of 10 games while we lost important points. , sometimes completely deserved. It was like that in the match with Atletico Madrid when the draw was fair. In terms of desire and fighting spirit, I am satisfied. We managed to change some things in our game, but we still failed to win key matches. but it didn`t work out. It`s part of the sport, sometimes things don`t go the way you want them to, `Setien concluded.

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