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The worst Atletico at Simeone

The worst Atletico at Simeone

So close, but in the end so far from overthrowing forecasts. Tom Lomar`s mistake allowed Lionel Messi to win the Wanda Metropolitan clash just four minutes before his regular time. Thus, Barcelona continues to be an insurmountable wall ahead of Atletico Madrid in the Diego Simeone era, as far as the La Liga championship games are concerned.
The lack of precision in goal is the main cause of the headache today in the red and white club. Only 16 straight hits in the first 15 rounds - this is the worst figure in the entire El Cholo stage on the mattress bench, and we have to go back to the 2005/06 season with Carlos Bianchi as the team`s senior coacha smaller number at the same stage (15).
The inefficiencies in front of the opponent`s door are obvious, and to cover this they are served a batter and goals for the opponents. Lomar`s case is troubling - his blunder gave Barca three points, and despite a good match from Hector Erera, he has not made a real contribution from eight new replacements this summer. There is no fresh wave to make a difference.

Otherwise, the lodges reflect the importance of Atletico Madrid in our time - there were as many as 14 world leaders, including Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez. Negative in this case were the horrific chants against Antoine Griezmann, which should not be allowed to repeat in the future. The Frenchman was among the Gold Ball nominees for his season at the Athletes and is now part of the club`s history. Indifference is the best punishment for him, all the more so for his troubles in Barcelona.
The thing is, Griezmann`s lack of Los Rohiblancos is as painful as his own Catalunya woes. It is no coincidence that the hunt for a goal-scoring striker has already begun in the January transfer window. Rodrigo from Valencia has been written off as not shining particularly with the Golgi instinct, with Diego Simeone pushing to try Griezmann`s return, with Edinson Cavani, Krzysztof Piontec and Lautaro Martinez for summer. If you have to sell players from the current ones to supplement the budget for the purpose, there is a wide choice and they will feel quite threatened, and rightly so. They include Lomar, Diego Costa, Marcos Yorente, and even Mario Hermoso.

However, Simeone himself should also forget the convenient excuse for the transitional period and deepen his analysis of his own decisions that have led him so far.
One must first understand whether he is the person who gave the last green light to the transfers, and if the answer is yes, he should be shown a yellow card. He then has to admit his mistake in removing Jo

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