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How Getafe became the sensation of the season

How Getafe became the sensation of the season

If someone loudly spoke to you the word Getafe, what would be the first image to invade your head?
Perhaps the audacity and brilliance of the 2008 version, led by Michael Laudrup? The one who threw Tottenham and Benfica and led Bayern Munich (Munich) 4-2 overall with 16 minutes left in the extra time, though he played with 10 people for 90 minutes just to end the agonizing 5:5 and drop the rulefor more goals scored for a foreign pitch?
Or the one Heta who got selected as the greatest goal in Barcelona history? (When 19-year-old Lionel Messi implanted a microchip with Diego Maradona`s mind into his brain, he dribbled through about 26 midfielders and completed the attack just like the Argentine legend against England at the 1986 World Cup. ), harsher than the Sahara, suggested that his players should have kicked Messi and stopped this remarkable goal. And they understood the hint and would beat Barcelona 4-2 in the second game after defeating 5-2 at Camp Nou. Spattered egg on Catalan faces.

Other images popping up in your brain when mentioning one of Madrid`s smallest and most rebellious clubs may be those of Pepe, who in 2009 at the Santiago Bernabeu in an attempt to make an NFL kicker thrust his buttons in his headby Havi Casquero of Heta (the reddest of red cards in Spanish football history), or a 2011 football-based adult movie with the idea of ??filling the stadium and improving the atmosphere there. A movie that led quite literally to the birth rate of club-supporting kids. One of the storylines in the tape included a sexy Getafe zombie. No, don`t ask
Whatever associations you may think of right now, current senior coach Jose Bordalas will almost certainly replace them given the spectacular 2018/19 season of Los Asulones. They are currently 4th in La Liga and on Thursday made a home draw against the still-defending European champion Real Madrid (they were cut by the judges against Real Sociedad on Sunday), and Bordalas took them to the penultimate spot in Segunda: 7 games played, one win, 4 goals scored, 10 won.
That was 17 months ago. Today, the suburban team is in a super-intriguing three-way battle with Seville and Valencia for Spain`s priceless fourth quota for the Champions League group stage. The club has never experienced such financial and football luxury in its 36-year history.

One thing we know for sure is that if Sevilla and Getafe finish 4th with equal points, the Blue will qualify for the European elite because of their better performance in direct clashes. The cherry on the cake so far for them in their record-breaking season is the humiliation of Sevilla with a total score of 5-0 in both of their meetings: effective 0:2 to Pishuan early in the season and just recently a 3-0 wreck against a contender with a huge advantageboth budget and player class, at least on paper, in almost every position.
And here`s a thought exercise. Imagine being the football director of any of the top 4 clubs in the continent`s top leagues, with a huge one?

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