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Paul Scholes criticized Lukaku and Sanchez

Paul Scholes criticized Lukaku and Sanchez

Manchester United legend Paul Scholes recently regularly criticized the team, and this time victims of his verbal attacks became Rommel Lukaku and Alexis Sanchez. I`m just not sure you`ll ever win the title with a top scorer like him. I do not think his game outside the penalty area is good enough. I`m not sure he`s working hard enough, but he`s still a young man who has done well and scored many goals. He is quick and strong, but Luca is one of many United players who seem to lack confidence. I do not think he realizes how good he can be, but he needs help because who else can play as a central striker in United at the moment? Marcus Rashford and Anthony Marsil look like wings.

I know that Sanchez has the qualities and is a good player, but I have never seen him as a Manchester United footballer. I saw him as a little selfish, someone who sometimes played for himself. I did not think he was a player we needed, especially for that money. How could we get rid of him now, after taking such a salary? It was as if he had only been bought for Manchester City, told ESPN Scholes, who added that even Lionel Messi, whom he described as the best player, would be in trouble with the current Red Bull team.

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