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The title has already passed:here is the new Barca

The title has already passed:here is the new Barca

Barcelona finished its double championship title in La Liga and the King`s Cup in April -;undoubtedly a good achievement. The negative season is based solely on dropping out of the Champions League to the quarterfinals after the rebound from Roma -;how painful, so and unexpected. Today begins the future, and lessons need to be learned to make the success next year. Important decisions must also be made regarding the upgrading of the lineup -;the double can not and must not hide certain aspects that need to be improved, and it is urgent.
This season showed very clearly the huge dependence on Lionel Messi. Some do not think this is a problem and they have it naturally, as we are still talking about the best player in the world. The degree of dependence, however, is a significant risk, as when the Argentine does not have a day, the whole team suffers. In the visit against Roma he did not really enter the match and Barca remained outside the Champions League.

The club has invested nearly 300m euros for two players who represent his future:Philippe Coottinho and Ousmane Dembele. They move on a different plane -;the Brazilian, the most expensive transfer in the history of the blagranas, adapts normally, and the French is another story.
In the first four months of the club, Kouttinho showed signs of his tremendous talent. He is adapted to the team game, scores goals, gives assists and understands the ace. Whether because he did not do a good pre-season training, if the injuries caught up with him, Dembele still does not feel fit. There were moments in which he hinted at his qualities, but also showed huge flaws at the tactical level;both in the defense and in the offensive phase of the game. And we do not even open the subject of his personal life with which we can complete a book. It can not be rented out.

With uncertainty around Dembele, Barca will head for Antoin Griezmann this summer, turning to the top. Talks have already been held between the two countries and the club wants to close this transfer as soon as possible. There is a penalty for losing the French Atletico Madrid contract worth EUR 100 million, which President Bar

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