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Steph Curry sees himself in Leo Messi

Steph Curry sees himself in Leo Messi

The two play two radically different sports, at a great distance, but they are united for one purpose. Steff Curry, the superstar of world basketball, sees a lot of things in common between him and his football counterpart, Lionel Messi. The Golden State Guard thinks that Barcelona`s number one has similar views as well as influence on adolescents.

I think he`s a genius who works constantly, but besides the glamorous side of things, there are many fundamental aspects in his game. He works hard, and this, combined with his incredible talent, gives clear results on the pitch, Curry says.

We definitely have similar things, especially when it comes to the creativity and innovation we show and introduce in our sports. Besides, I think we are trying to influence the next generation and make the young people like us work harder, `added the two-time NBA champion with the Golden State.

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