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Barcelona - Celta (the lineups)

Barcelona - Celta (the lineups)

The Barcelona team continues the pursuit of a record fourth King Cup after a convincing victory 5:0 over Celta in a rematch match of the 1/8-finals. Balaidos` first match finished 1:1, but tonight the first half saw who was the winner. Lionel Messi had fun on the field and in less than half an hour he scored two goals (13 and 15) and a brilliant assisted goal by Jordi Alba (28). Luis Suarez also scored (31). In the second half, Messi and Andres Iniesta left the game to keep the Sunday fight with Real Sociedad on Annette. Ivan Rakitic formed the final goal with the fifth goal in the 87th minute.

The record-breaking purchase of `los coules` Philippe Kouttinho took a seat at Camp Nou`s stands. Ernesto Valverde bet almost entirely to the main team for the difference from the first match a week ago. Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez and Andre Gomes were in the top positions. Gerard Pique returned to the start of 11 to Javier Mascherano. Juan Carlos Unsue made a change of minutes before the start of the game, releasing Emre Mor instead of Maximiliano Gomez. Yago Aspas and Pioneer Sisto were called to harass the Catalonian defense along with Moore.

In the second minute, Messi entered the ball into the penalty area and fell to the ground after being pushed by Hugo Mayo. The judge judged that this action was not enough for a penalty. At the sixth, Leo came out behind the back but was caught up, followed by a pass on the left to Suarez, and seconds later the Uruguayan bid was unsuccessful.

In the tenth glory of Rosario again he got a lot of space in the half of the skyscrapers. Leo advanced, had two options for a pass, hesitated, and blocked. Seconds later he hit a low stroke and Sergio Alvarez was careful. In the 12th Pique stood in the way of the ball to block the strike of Daniel Vas, who was attacking the first beam.

In the 13th Jordi Alba surprise the guests with a parallel pass, Luis Suarez missed the ball and Messi hit a 15-meter strike, striking the left corner of the goal. Only a hundred seconds later the Argentine again stretched the net. Number 10 sharpened the attack, flipped left to Alba, who traditionally returned him around the penalty spot, where the uncovered Leo met the ball with a blow to the ground to the far corner - 2:0. The Catalans took advantage of the shock of Celta and continued to attack. In the 21st minute the side referee was wrong and stopped Luis Suarez`s attack. A minute later, Messi shined with an attractive heel with a heel, putting Andres Iniesta in a firing position. The los blagranas captain chose a straight shot, but goalkeeper Alvarres knocked over the beam. The team from Balaidos also managed to organize several dangerous shots, but there were no hits.

In the 28th, Messi created one of his magical passes, finding Alba. The left back came to the ball and found a gap despite the goalkeeper`s resistance - 3:0. In the 31st, the result swelled to 4:0 after the defenders of the Gallic team were completely confused. They gave the ball to Luis Suarez who narrowly matched the goalkeeper with a strong blow to the bar. At the end of the half-time, Ussue`s footballers lived in the front row?

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