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Barca`s reserves dropped Celta, Dembele returned

Barca`s reserves dropped Celta, Dembele returned

The three-time winner of the King of Barcelona Cup made 1:1 on his visit to Celta in the first clash of the 1/8-cup finals at the Balaidos Cup. In a game for the Catalonians, Ousmane Dembele appeared, who had played his last game only in mid-September. Jose Arnais opened the score in the 15th minute and Pioneer Sisto leveled (31). The rematch is after a week at Camp Nou.

Ernesto Valverde retained the strength of key players like Lionel Messi, Louis Suarez and Andres Iniesta, who did not go to Vigo. Young Arnais led the `blue-red` assault, backed by Aleis Vidal and Dennis Suarez. Juan Carlos Unsue relied on a large number of his own. Maximiliano Gomez and Jagos Aspas pulled the team to the front, and they were backed by two other offensive players:Hosabed Sanchez and Pioneer Sisto. The hosts started more aggressively. `The sky-heavens` encircled the door of Jasper Silesian. At the eighth minute, Daniel Vasquez brought the Aspas splendidly to the front, but the hurry Nelson Semedo managed to stretch his leg and block the shot. Camp Nou players hit the back of their rival in the first dangerous attack on Sergio Alvarez. Andre Gomes advanced to the left and centered on the ground to the penalty point where Arnais was dropped by Andrew Fontas and a shot without delay hit the right angle of the goal keeper - 0:1. The attack slightly stunned the hosts and in the first minutes after the goal, the Catalans were more likely to control and attack more often. The shares of Los Cules went mostly to the left, where Andre Gomes and Denis Suarez were most active. Barcelona`s defense seemed to be stable until 31st minute.

Then Jagos Aspas cleverly missed the rainbow and shocked the defense. Maximiliano Gomez centered low, and Aspas jammed with a sword, aiming at the crossbar. The ball pulled off the beam, then found Silesian and thumped the outfit. Pioneer Sisto was in the right place, masquerading and taking advantage of the bustle, shooting powerfully to the near corner, rewarding Dutch watchman 1:1. After the equalizing goal, Barca`s players made their attacks harder because of Celta`s high press. In the 42nd minute, `los blaugranas` managed to take the ball, and Paulinho found a 22-meter-long shotgun aside from the beam. After the break, Ernesto Valverde`s boys headed ahead and there was hardly any sign of the Gallic team`s sharpness. In the 51st minute Dennis Suarez handed Arnaris to the left - goalkeeper Sergio went out and kicked. Five minutes later, Luca Din turned to the left and the uncovered Arnais plunged to a second beam but did not hit the door. In the 59th Semedo centering on the right, Dennis Suarez slipped out of the ambush and kicked off completely alone from the sixth meter. That was the best position in the Bar

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