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Zabaleta: With Messi we often talk about Manchester City

Zabaleta: With Messi we often talk about Manchester City

Manchester City soccer player Pablo Zabaleta did not hide that maintains a warm and friendly relationship with the superstar of Barcelona and his compatriot - Lionel Messi. The player said he often talked with his old acquaintance, adding that one of the main themes of their pleasant stories is the presentation of "citizens".

"I remember when I lived in Barcelona during my stay at Espanyol, we were very close friends with Messi. I also remember that when I went to City, a few days later came the news that Barca signed with Messi. This happened in a big moment, "revealed Zabaleta.

"When this with the transfers happened - Messi often ask me about the situation in the City. In the beginning, however, I myself could not say much because I did not know many things. Gradually gained more experience and information, but City remained one of the main topics in our conversations, "said the Argentine player of" citizens ".

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