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Messi turned Twitter with her lecture on Wembley

Messi turned Twitter with her lecture on Wembley

Lionel Messi`s brilliant production at Tottenham (4:2) Barcelona has become a real sensation in social networks. The lecture of Wembley`s Argentine dozen literally turned Twitter, where fans and specialists competed to superlative La Pulga`s fantastic performance.

The most active in praise was Gary Linneker. The former English national has 137 matches and 52 goals for Barcelona from 1986 to 1989 and has never hid his admiration for Leo, as a picture of Messi even beautifies his Twitter profile.

Does anyone really think there has ever been a better footballer than Lionel Messi? I mean seriously? , Linneker wrote, adding that it was a real privilege to watch Messi`s last performance against Spurs last night.

The magic of Leo in London was so compelling that even Tottenham fans cheered him, even though he scored two goals in the door of their pets. Another English football icon in the face of Alan Shearer has also attributed the legend of Rosario.

Messi is the best in history. Goals. Skills. Employability. Behavior. A true artist, Sheer wrote.

Messi is not just the best player in the world. He is 3 levels above the rest. Something like that:Messi, a big gap and then the rest of the people, wrote a Twitter fan.

Messi is the best of all times. I mean - THE BEST FOR ALL TIMES, wrote Jon Arne Reise, who won the Champions League with the Liverpool team in 2005.

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