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De Hea is now the Spanish Carius

De Hea is now the Spanish Carius

The Spanish Carius and David De Taibi were two of David De Hea`s loveliest appearances in Tuiter after the Manchester United goalkeeper`s mistake led to Lionel Messi`s second goal in favor of Barcelona. He pulled the ball twice more from his net with a 0:3 loss to Camp Nou, which kicked out the English Champions League. Delegation with De Hea started immediately after Messi`s goal, with some tweets hurrying to call it `Spanish Karius`, remembering Liverpool`s tragic performance in last year`s final. Others wrote under a photo of Karius:`The new goalkeeper of United`s coach. `

`Ole Gunnar Solskjayer has talked so much lately about 1999 that De Hea also wanted to join in. Instead of doing it like Schumacher in April, he did it as a Taebie in September, ` wrote sports journalist Daniel Storte. He was looking at the grand offensive of former Italian goalkeeper United against Southampton in the season after the treble. Massimo Taebi, who had been fired by Alex Ferguson as Schumacher`s deputy, had to catch a long distance from Matt Le Tissier from Southampton, but instead the ball passed between his legs and changed his life.

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