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Casemiro laughed at the legend of Barcelona

Casemiro laughed at the legend of Barcelona

Real Madrid`s Brazilian midfielder, Casimiro, laughed at the criticism of his game by Barcelona`s legendary Chavez Hernandez. The former Spanish national gave it as a negative example of a midfield game, and the positive ones he indicated were Iniesta, Messi and Buscakes. `Speaking what he wants but I have been in Real Madrid for five years, and on Saturday I will be playing the fourth Champions League final I am a mastermind to death I do not want to go to Barcelona, ` Casemiro said.

On Saturday in Kiev Real Madrid could become the first team to win the Champions League for the third consecutive year. On a personal basis, Casemiro, 26, can be equal to Chaffe by the number of trophies in the prestigious race.

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