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What a miracle! The wolves tore and threw Barca and Messi

What a miracle!  The wolves tore and threw Barca and Messi

Roma made the biggest scandal in this year`s Champions League. Tonight, the Wolves won 3:0 in a defeat against Barcelona in the 1/4-final and thrown the Catalonians out of the tournament. The Spaniards had a lead of 4:1 after the first game, but today they were a pale shadow of themselves and did not defend their big ambitions in the tournament by making a complete turn. One Jack opened the score in the 6th minute, Daniele De Rossi doubled in the 58th penalty and Costas Manollas was the big hero, putting the third goal in the 82nd minute. So the total result of the two matches became 4:4, but the Italians were rejoicing because of a goal on a foreign field from the first match. Barca drops for the third consecutive year in the 1/4-final phase.

The senior coach of Roma Eusebio Di Francesco could not count on injured Diego Perrotti and Barca coach Ernesto Valverde could not use Philippe Coettinho because the Brazilian has no right to play with the team of the los coules in the tournamentseason. Out was the injured Luca Din, who was a former Roma footballer.

The Jalorossos came out with One Jack and Patrick Schick in attack, and Barca relied on well-known Luis Suarez and Lionel Messi.

The first danger in the match was on the guests` account. In the 4th minute Sergi Roberto shoots dangerously but Alison rescues. In the 5th minute, however, Roma claimed a penalty after Samuel Umtiti pushed Aleksandar Kolarov`s back, but the judge did not think he had any reason to indicate the white point.

Minutes later the result was found. Daniele De Possy, with a long long pass, took Jack on speed, he beat two defenders and banged the ball past the goalie`s goal 1-0.

In the 10th minute Lionel Messi shoots from a foul, but sends the ball over the door. In the 13th minute the events were brought back to the door of Marc-Andre Terghegen. After a corner kick, Patrick Schick rose and headed but over the door.

In the 25th minute, One Djeko was sent to the penalty area, turned and shot, but high above the door. 29 In the 29th minute, Patrick Schick received a magnificent central approach to the ball, but the ball bounced off the post.

In the 37th minute One Jack was found with a balancing center but managed to overtake his direct guard and make a very dangerous shot, saved by Terghegan. In the subsequent corner, the Bosnian had another chance to fire the door, but this time far more inaccurate.

In the 41st minute, Messi for the second time had a chance to shoot a free kick from a good position, but this time his shot did not come and went high above the door. At the beginning of the second half, Roma continued to act aggressively. In the 55th minute Patrick Schick entered the penalty area and fell, but the referee did not take a penalty. A minute later, Jacko broke away and was held by Gerard Picke in the pennant, and this time Clemens Turien did not point out the white dot. Veteran de Rossi took the responsibility to execute the penalty kick and was merciless for 2-0. In the 66th minute, Kevin Stootman decided to try a beautiful volley shot of about 30 meters, but to his regret this did not work very well, but the midfielder received applause from the tribes. In the 68th minute, Raja Ningolang got around the penalty point

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