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Messi is far from the only problem with Camp Nou

Messi is far from the only problem with Camp Nou

Five Barcelona players return to the club with problems from the camps of their national teams, worrying about Camp Nou. Lionel Messi, Andres Iniesta, Luca Din, Gerard Pique and Marc-Andre Stegen have complained about various illnesses over the past few days and are now working on the Catalan medical team.

Dine`s worst injury seems to have been forced to leave during the control of France with Colombia. In Barca, however, they are most interested in Messi`s condition. La Pulga was with Argentina for the two team checks but did not play in any of them due to addure pain and accumulated muscle fatigue. At the same time, the goalkeeper had knee problems, Captain Iniesta felt ankle pain, and Pique was swept by the flu.

The next match of the Los Cules is Saturday at 21:45 against Sevilla by Ram

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