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Tom Brady:I ??love Messi, I love Sokyra

Tom Brady:I ??love Messi, I love Sokyra

American football superstar (NFL) Tom Brady explained in the love of another ball mage, but at his feet - Lionel Messi. They are among the richest, most recognizable and influential athletes in the world, not for the first time respecting each other. I love Messi and I think he`s great. But I`m a little older than that, `Brady said in response to a question as to whether he considered normal comparisons between him and the Flea. I love Sokhira and have been watching this sport for a long time, added New York Patriot`s quarterback, who will try to win the stunning sixth cup of Super Bowl on the night of Monday to Monday.

The Patriots will try to defend their championship title last season in the National Football League by facing the Philadelphia Eagles (see all the most important here before Super Bowl LII).

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